Alabaster Caverns State Park


Alabaster Caverns State Park located approximately 4.5 miles south of Freedom Oklahoma on State Highway 50. 


This 200 acres State Park is home to the largest natural gypsum cave in the world that is open to the public. The gypsum is mostly in the form of alabaster. Many types including pink, white and the rare black alabaster are found at this site. The black alabaster can only be found in 3 veins in the world. One each in China, Italy and Oklahoma. 


There are five different species of bats that roost in the caverns. The Cave Myotis, Western Big-eared Bat, Eastern Pipistrelle, Western Big Brown Bat and the Mexican Free-tailed Bat. The Mexican Free-tailed Bat migrates in the spring to bear their young, then return to Mexico in the fall. 


Guided tours are available through the caverns along with wild caving, camping, hiking trails, horseshoe pits and volleyball courts.